The Calendar is shown in the My FileHold area of the Library tree in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). The Calendar is not available in the Web Client.

You can view the following items in the Calendar:

  • Active, overdue, and completed workflow tasks:

    • Completed tasks are in a light green background.

    • Due tasks are in a green background with bold text and then number of tasks due in brackets.

    • Overdue tasks are shown in red with bold text and the number of overdue tasks in brackets. A task is considered overdue the day after the task is due. Note that this shows that there is only one task overdue but two tasks were due on that day. Only one task was completed.

  • Past, current, and future reminders. The Reminders listed in the My Reminders view are considered current:

    • Displayed in cyan background. Active reminders that have not been marked as red are bolded with the number of active reminders listed in brackets ().

    • Active reminders that have been marked as read will be unbolded. Only the current days’ reminders are considered active. Lapsed and future reminders are not active.

  • Scheduled events when the Include Events button is selected. Only users with Library Administrators roles and above can access this feature. Events are for when documents are set to be archived, converted to a record, disposed, or a user defined event (FileHold 14).

    • Displayed in yellow background.

To access the calendar

  1. In FDA, got to My FileHold > Calendar.

  2. The Calendar can be viewed by the Month, Week, Day, or today (current date). You can also scroll through the months, weeks, days, and years using the scroll arrows.

  3. Click Today to bring you back to the current date (today’s date).

  4. You can click on a day in the Month or Week view to see the details for the day.

  5. Click on a task or a reminder in the Day view to open the document in the My Tasks view for tasks or in the My Document Reminders View for reminders.

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