(Legacy feature) Setting XREF paths for CAD drawings in the Brava viewer

IMPORTANT: This document describes an optional FileHold feature that is no longer available. It is retained for existing users only. See the FileHold Viewer for the latest viewing technology.

The default search paths for finding resource files like xrefs, shapes, and fonts. They can each have more than one path specified if separated by a semicolon. Xrefs (external or cross references) are files that are referenced by any number of DWG files and allow you to add common information to just one file. This eliminates the repetitive task of adding identical information to multiple files.

You can set modes that warn or fail if SHX and XREF files aren't found on open. Select an abort specification for each that will result if the file is not found when looking to the specified path. The choices are:

  • IGNORE – do nothing and continue loading the file
  • WARN – warn you of any files it couldn't find and continue loading the file
  • ABORT – warn you of any files it couldn't find and stop trying to load the file

Note that you must be assigned a Brava Office viewer license that has CAD support (CAD or Engineering edition).

To set the DWG Xref path(s), DWG SHX and font path(s)

  1. In FileHold, open a CAD drawing in the Brava Office Viewer with CAD support.
  2. Go to Options > Set Reference File Paths.
  3. In the Paths window, enter the DWG Xref paths and/or DWG shx and font paths.
  4. Set the mode if the Xref or shx files are not found: Warn, Ignore, or Fail.
  5. Click OK. When the DWG file that contains external references and font files are loaded, the external files should be picked up by and visible in the viewer.