Troubleshooting FAQs

If you received the message "The FileHold system is not activated. Please contact your system administrator to enable the license.", do the following steps:

  1. Contact your system administrator to let them know the FileHold license has been deactivated. There are a number of reasons why a license could become deactivated.
  2. A system administrator can use these instructions to obtain and upload a new license file.

Depending on permissions, you may or may not have access to particular documents in the FileHold library. If you think that you should have access to documents that you cannot see, do the following steps:

  1. Contact your library administrator and/or system administrator and let them know what documents you should be able to view in the library.
  2. The system administrator can check to ensure that you are placed in the proper security groups.
  3. The library administrator can check to ensure that you have access to the proper cabinets and folders and membership to the schema.

If you have lost your password, you can ask your system administrator to reset the password for you. If you have exceeded the number of login attempts, you system administrator will also need to enable your account. This typically only occurs for locally managed users.

If you are a system administrator and have lost your password, this can be reset using the FileHold Instrumentation Tool (FHIT) utility on the FileHold server.

If the FileHold tab is not showing on the ribbon in any of the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook, OneNote), the add-in may need to be enabled. Follow the Microsoft Add-ins troubleshooting article to solve this issue.

If you do not have the URL for FileHold, contact your system administrator for the link.

The URL format for the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) should resemble the following example:


For the Web Client URL, the link should resemble the following example:


>If you received the message "An error has occurred and the document will be sent back to the Inbox...", do the following steps:

  1. Attempt to send the documents into the library one more time.
  2. Add a document through the Web Client, if applicable. If it works in the Web Client, then the issue can be narrowed down to only the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA).
  3. If the issue resides only in the FDA, send the trace and error logs to the FileHold support team at [email protected]. Follow the instructions here to get a copy of the trace and error logs. If the issue also resides in the Web Client, contact your system administrator.
  4. A system administrator can run the Health Checker report on the FileHold server and send the results along with the Windows log files to [email protected]. Once the logs are analyzed by the support team, they will send instructions or set up a meeting to resolve the issue.