Setting the base URL for generating document URLs and Courier links

FileHold provides the option to create a link to a document in an email or other area external to FileHold or send Courier email notifications that contain links to the Courier portal. These links use the server name that was configured when the system was installed. However, the name may be an internal server name and not resolvable with an external domain name server (DNS) or when a web client only server has been installed.

TIP: This does not affect the URLs in the metadata panel on the web client. Those always take the value from the server where the client is currently connected.

If a user is outside of the FileHold server's local network the URL will not be useful. There is a parameter in the Library Manager web.config file that can be used to set this address to an externally resolvable value. The parameter is in the <appSettings> portion of the web.config file in the key UrlForDownloads. Set this value to match your external server name.

TIP: This is an advanced setting. You should be a skilled Windows administrator able to correctly edit an XML file to make this change.

The following example shows the original setting for the internal server name.

<add key="UrlForDownloads" value="http://myFileHoldServer/FH/FileHold/WebClient/"/>

For this example your domain has been registered as example.com.

<add key="UrlForDownloads" value="http://myFileHoldServer.example.com/FH/FileHold/WebClient/"/>

IMPORTANT: Changing this value does not make your FileHold server accessible on the internet.