FileHold Windows event logs

FileHold logs server events in the Windows event log in one of four areas. System administrators should regularly review these logs for errors. When a user’s operation is aborted by a critical error, the error details will likely be available in the event log. 

ADAM (FHURM) – This is the log for active directory lightweight directory services. This is the subsystem that authenticates local FileHold users.

FileHold – The main log for the system. Most errors from the application server or web client server will appear in this log. 

FileHold (Failed Login) – Failed attempts to authenticate with the server are logged here.

FileHoldFTS – Errors related to the full text search engine.

You can investigate the Windows event logs using a variety of standard tools such as Computer Management or from the command line with wevtutil. If you plan to send your event log to FileHold support we suggest you send only log entries relevant to the question you are asking. You can filter the log from the GUI or command line. For example, the following command will show up to 50 log entries from the last 5 days.

wevtutil qe filehold /q:"*[System[TimeCreated[timediff(@SystemTime) <= 432000000]]]" /c:50

Consult Microsoft documentation for instructions on how to view the Windows server event log.