Resetting a User Password

This is only for locally managed users. You cannot reset a password for a domain user in FileHold. You can reset a user password for:

  • Individual users if they have lost or forgotten it.
  • Many users. This option sends a notification email to the selected users which contains a link that allows them to change their password. This option can be used in such situations such as after an upgrade or migration and you need to reset all local users’ passwords. You can use the filter options to get the list of users whose passwords need to be reset. The time out settings for the notification email can be configured as well as a partial subject name and contact email. See Logon Security for more information. The following is a sample email notification for users to reset their passwords. The users will click on the link provided to reset their password in the FileHold Web Client.


Sample email notification email to reset password

To reset a local user password for an individual

  1. Go to Administration Panel > System Management > User Management > Users and click the ► next to the user name.
    • In FDA, go to Administration > User Management > Users and right-click on the user name.
  1. Select Reset Password.
  2. In the Reset Password for User Name window, enter the password twice and click Update. Reusing the same password may not be allowed. See Logon and Password Security for more information about the Allow password re-use option.

To reset a password for many users (Web Client Only)

  1. Go to Administration Panel > System Management > User Management > Users and select the check boxes for those users whose passwords needs to be changed. You can use the filter to search for the set of users. To select all the users, click the top level check box.

Automatic password reset screen

  1. Click Automatic Password Reset Change password button.
  2. The message “You have selected x user(s) for a password reset. Selected user(s) will be notified via email and will have 1 hours to complete the password reset. Do you want to continue?” appears. Click OK.
  3. An email with a link to reset their password is sent to the selected users. Once the link is clicked, they are taken to the web client to reset their password. The link must be clicked within the specified time limit or it will expire. If the email timeout expires, they will need to be resent the email to reset their password.

Reset password - web client