System administrator - Logging In

You can perform System Administration functions in both the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) and the Web Client. The FDA has very limited System Administration functions whereas you can access all System Administration functions through the Web Client. You need to log in through the Web Client in order to gain access to all other system administrator functions. All of the administration functions in FDA are performed almost exactly as they are in the Web Client.

TIP: If multi-factor authentication has been configured for the system, you need to authenticate your login through Duo. See Multi-factor Authentication for details.

The following list describes the areas that are available to only system administrators in the Administration panel:

Some frequently accessed system administration and library administration functionality can be found under the Administration menu for both the Web Client and FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). This provides quick easy access to specific administrative functionality without the need to leave or lose the information on the current library screen.

System administration web client menu
Web Client Administration menu

The full administration menu can be accessed:

  • In the Web Client, click Administration and select Full administration menu.
  • In the FDA, from the Administration menu, select Web Administration Panel.

All users have access to the Administration panel but depending upon the role used to log into the Web Client, only the functionality that the user is able to access is shown in the administration panel. As a system administrator, you have access to everything in the Administration panel.

In the Administration panel, a setting called Solo Mode can be enabled so only one section of the Administration panel expands at a time. If Solo Mode is disabled, then all of the sections can be expanded and the Collapse All button is available.

Administration panel

To login as System Administrator via the Web Client

  1. Open a Web Browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported) and enter the path to the FileHold server. This may be set up as link on your desktop.
  2. Enter your Login, Password, and select the domain (if required) and click Log In.
  3. Click the Administration > Full Administration menu at the top of the screen. Once logged in, the different areas of the System Administration features appear in the left panel.

NOTE: The System Administration and Library Administrator areas in the Administration Panel is only available to users designated as System Administrators. Non system administrators users do not see the system administration sections. 

To login as System Administrator via the FDA

  1. Log into FDA using a System Administrator username and password.
  2. Go to Administration menu from the menu bar.
  3. Select Web administration panel to go to the Administration Panel in the Web Client.