Scanning, adding, and removing pages from WebCap

Once everything is configured for the scanner, you can now scan images into the Scanner Inbox of the Web Client of FileHold.

With WebCap, you can add, replace, and delete pages as well as clearing the entire document from the Scanner Inbox.

See the table below for a list of functions and descriptions.



Scan a Document WebCap scanning icon

Scans all documents in the scanner and adds them as an image to the Scanner Inbox. The images appear in the Document Viewer as a thumbnail on the left side. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image which appears on the right.

Replace Page WebCap replace pages icon

Replaces the selected page with a newly scanned page. The scanner automatically scans and replaces the currently selected page.

Add a New Page WebCap add new page icon

Allows you to add a new page from the local computer. Click Browse and then Upload to add the image. Note that only files types of jpeg, png, bmp, emf, wmf, pcx, targa, psd, wbmp, pcd, j2k, gif (single or multipage), tiff (single or multipage), and pdf can be added. If adding a multi-page giff, tiff, or pdf, the file is split into multiple pages and converted to jpeg format.

Delete a Selected Page WebCap delete a page icon

Deletes the currently selected page.

Clear All Pages WebCap delete all pages icon

Clears all pages from the Scanner Inbox.