Using barcodes with Capture

Supported barcodes

SmartSoft Capture can be configured to read certain barcodes to populate form fields. The barcodes that are supported are:

  • EAN 13
  • EAN 8
  • UPC A
  • UPC E
  • Code 39 (also known as Code 3 of 9)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)
  • UCC/EAN-128 (also known as GS1-128)
  • QR Code

SmartSoft Capture Plus also provides a more extensive barcode recognition library. The supported barcodes include:

  • EAN 13
  • EAN 8
  • UPC A
  • UPC E
  • Code 39 (also known as Code 3 of 9)
  • Code 39 (also known as Code 3 of 9) extended
  • Code 128
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)
  • Codabar
  • UCC/EAN-128 (also known as GS1-128)
  • Code 93
  • Code 93 extended
  • UPC/EAN Extension 5
  • UPC/EAN Extension 2
  • MSI (also known as Modified Plessey)
  • Code 11
  • Standard 2 of 5 code (also known as S25)
  • RSS-14 (also known as GS1 DataBar)
  • RSS-14 (also known as GS1 DataBar) limited
  • RSS-14 (also known as GS1 DataBar) expanded
  • QR Code
  • 1D advanced
  • Patch code
  • Postnet barcode
  • PLANET (Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique) barcode
  • Australia Post barcode
  • Royal Mail (RM4SCC)
  • RSS-14 (also known as GS1 DataBar) stacked
  • RSS-14 (also known as GS1 DataBar) expanded stacked
  • USPS OneCode - 4BC Intelligent Mail
  • 2D
  • Code 1 (Code One)
  • PDF417
  • MicroPDF417
  • Data Matrix
  • Aztec Code
  • Maxi Code
  • Micro QR Code

Using barcodes as field values

Capture and Capture Plus can capture and read the barcode to use as a field value.

To use barcodes for field data

  1. Go to Tools > Settings > General tab and enable the "Enable barcode recognition" check box.
  2. In the form template, select the Barcode format for the form field.
  3. Test the barcode recognition functionality once the template has been configured.

Using barcodes as page separators

If you find that Capture is having issues with splitting your documents automatically, the foolproof method of getting the documents separated in the right place is to use a barcode separator sheet. You can place a barcode page in between where the documents need to be split. The barcode separator page is automatically removed from the export. Capture provides a sample barcode separator page which can be printed for use. Barcode separator pages can be reused, although care should be taken as they may become marked with overuse and may not automatically delete.

To use barcode separator pages with Capture or Capture Plus

  1. Go to Tools > Settings > General tab and enable the Enable Document Separation check box.
  2. For the Separation Mode, select Use barcode separators.
  3. Click Settings.
  4.  In the Barcode separation settings, define a custom text value for the barcode output, or click Download separator PDF to use the default separator page.
  5. When scanning, place a printed copy of the barcode separator between each document and batch scan.
  6. In the preprocessing, the separator page is removed automatically. A new document is created after each separator page.
  7. The separator pages are removed from the export unless the Setting for “Keep blank pages” (Tools>Settings>General>Pre-processing) is enabled.