Scanning and importing documents into FileHold

With every purchase of the FileHold software the customer receives a no charge copy of the  Smartsoft Scanning software that works directly with the FileHold software to bring a moderate volume (about 100 scans / day) of documents into the repository. 

For customers who have higher volumes of scanning, either ongoing or as one time back file project, a high volume, cloud based scanning solution is available from the FileHold partner Aluma.  Aluma provides intelligent document processing capabilities, enabling document classification and data extraction from both scanned and electronic documents. No software purchase or installation is required for the Aluma solution, it is cloud based and purchased on a "pay per scan" bases. The Aluma software has been tightly integrated, by Aluma, with FileHold. To get more information on Aluma document scanning contact [email protected].

FileHold supports many ways to import scanned documents. With a little set-up it is easy to manage the imports of files so that they are sent directly to the Inbox or to a folder in the library.

  1. For any Multi Function Center (MFC ) / Digital Copier device that can scan to TIFF or Adobe PDF files, but cannot generate index information in a supported XML format, FDA Watched Folders can be used to add them to FileHold. 
  2. Manage Imports (FileScan Bridge) – This tool reads instructions from an XML file to attach metadata to documents, do database lookup and automatically compute the correct library location. It works natively with SmartSoft Capture, Capture Plus and other SmartSoft products and provides a method for accepting similar input from many other systems including scanning, ERP, and Financial.

Scanning manufacturers such as Kodak Capture Pro, Kofax Capture and ABBYY FlexiCapture have been used to scan documents into FileHold.  These and other scanning solutions require the customer to have a full understanding of how those products configure and work.  Additional billable professional services may be required from FileHold to be make them work successfully.  It is simply a matter of configuring the scanning software to match the XML format FileHold requires.