Scanning and Importing Documents into FileHold

Clients who have a large volume of existing paper or electronic documents that they want to include in the document management system can do so using any number of current scanner technologies.

FileHold supports many ways to import scanned documents:  FileHold fully supports SmartSoft Capture and WebCap.  EMC QuickScan Pro has been brought to end of life so support is based on best efforts.  Connectors to Kodak, Kofax and ABBY may require some professional services to work successfully.   (list is subject to change due to vendors releasing new versions): 

  1. SmartSoft Capture
  2. FileHold WebCap
  3. EMC QuickScan Pro
  4. Kodak Capture Pro
  5. Kofax Capture
  6. ABBYY FlexiCapture
  7. Any MFC / Digital Copier device that can scan to TIFF or Adobe PDF. Use Watched Folders then process these or you can perform advanced processing of TIFF files produced by the MFC with any of the first 3 choices to automate the collection and capture of metadata, and then import the files and metadata into FileHold.
  8. Generic XML based system - Various FileHold customers use the generic XML based system to import PDF's created by ERP, Financial and other systems.

With a little extra set-up it is easy to manage the imports of files so that they are sent directly to a document management system folder or the FileHold Desktop inbox or to a watched folder setup in the FileHold Desktop Client and that is located on the local machine or network share. SmartSoft also allows users to preset the metadata and even file name via document schemas that are built into FileHold.

Note: In order to move documents from the local machine to the scanner software for processing (or from the desktop to the FileHold Desktop Application via Watched folders) the Import and/or Watched Folders tools must be configured. The tools are available from the Tools menu in the FileHold Desktop Application. Always consult the manuals and the embedded help systems that come with scanners and multi-function machines learn more about them.