Manage import profile backup, copy, and move

The manage imports tool on the FDA stores the configuration for import profiles on the workstation on which they are created. This makes it simple to backup, copy and move them using typical Windows tools. If there is a need to use the same import profile configuration on another workstation, the profiles can be copied from one workstation to another.

We recommend that customers prepare a backup routine for import profiles on each workstation where they are defined.

The configuration for a single profile is stored in a filename with a format like the following: IMP-<profile-name>.xml

<profile-name> is the name you see in manage imports. For example, for a profile called "Invoices" the filename will be:


Import profiles can be one of two types: shared or personal. The profile type is determined by the location where the profile is stored on the workstation and is set when the profile is created by checking the "Share this import with other users" option. The <system-drive> will typically be "C". The <user-folder> will usually be the Windows username or username and domain.

Profile type Location
Personal <system-drive>:\Users\<user-folder>\AppData\Roaming\FileHold\FDA\Settings
Shared <system-drive>:\ProgramData\FileHold\FDA\Settings

If you have moved or copied an import profile to a new location, you will need to log in to the FDA to see the change.

You can change the profile type by moving the corresponding profile file from one location to the other.