Adding files in Mobile FileHold

Add files to the document management repository from your device. Users with Document Publisher and higher permissions can add files to the mobile document management system. Just like when adding documents though the FDA or web client, a destination folder and the required metadata fields need to be filled out in Mobile FileHold before the file is saved to the repository. Depending on the device type you are using, you may be restricted to adding only certain types files, such as images or video.

A workflow can be initiated at the same time as adding a document in Mobile FileHold. The list of available workflow templates is shown.

Note: When adding a document through Mobile FileHold that uses automatic workflow initiation, the workflow templates cannot have any part marked as “user-defined” or the document will not be added to the library.

To add files

  1. From the home screen, tap Add Mobile FileHold add icon.
  2. Tap Select to select the destination folder. The list of cabinets, drawers, folder groups (if applicable) and folders are displayed on separate screens.
  3. Select the document type from the Type of Document drop down list.
  4. Tap Upload File Mobile FileHold upload file icon to select the file to add. The type of files you can add are dependent upon your OS.
  5. Tap on the file name to rename the file. Enter a new file name.
  6. Enter the metadata values for the schema. All fields marked with * are required.
  • If your schema has been configured to do a database lookup, select the key value from the drop-down list and then tap Lookup Mobile FileHold database lookup icon. The values for the remaining metadata fields are populated.
  1. If there is a workflow associated with the schema, select the workflow template name from the Initiate Workflow list. Note that workflow templates cannot be modified in Mobile FileHold so the templates associated with the document type will need to be defined (not ad-hoc).
  2. Tap Add Mobile FileHold add icon to add the file to the repository.
  • Alternatively, tap Cancel Mobile FileHold cancel icon to return to the Home screen.
  1. If you initiated a workflow, the “Workflow successfully initiated…” message appears. Tap OK to return to the Home screen.