Recovering deleted files

The Recover Documents utility is similar to a recycle bin where you are able to recover documents that are in the “soft” deletion stage. Any user that has permission to delete a file can be recovered from here.

The deletion of files from the FileHold server occurs in two stages. The first stage is the “soft” deletion of files from the FileHold library. This can occur by any user with Publisher plus delete access rights or higher. Once deleted from the library, end users are no longer able to access them. The documents are temporarily stored in the Recover documents area before being permanently “hard” deleted from a scheduled task by the server. For more information on hard deleting documents, see Permanently Deleting Documents.

The Recover Documents utility displays what the document name is, where it was located in the library, the schema type, the version number, when it was deleted, and the user who deleted it.

To recover documents that have been soft deleted

  1. In Web Client, go to Administration Panel > Library Management > Recover Documents.

  2. Select the documents that you want to recover and click Recover Documents.

  3. The documents are moved back to their original location in the Library.

  4. Change the page size to 15, 30, or 60 documents per page using the Page size drop down.