Library administration

The FileHold Library Administrator is a security role that provides for the management of the FileHold document library where the documents, files, and records are stored.

The tasks for the Library Administrator include:

  • Create and manage the document library hierarchy. The creation of the Library structure and security to restrict access to content at all levels of the hierarchy.

  • Create and manage document schemas (document types). Document schemas determine how your documents are tagged and which users have access to them.

  • Create and manage metadata fields, drop-down lists, date, currency, numeric and text fields. The creation of a simple or a sophisticated taxonomy allows users to quickly and easily categorize information.

  • Manage and apply security membership of the various areas of the library hierarchy (Cabinet, Folders, and Document Schemas). Security levels include: cabinet membership, folder membership, and schema membership.

  • Manage the Workflow module (optional) by creating templates and tasks for document review and approval.

  • Use reporting services to create and generate reports on usage metrics, library reports, and more.

The Library Administrator should have general knowledge of the company operations and understand the need to create, archive, and retrieve documents. The Best Library Administrators usually are Individuals who understand:

  • The organization — How the organization is structured and requirements for managing documents and records.
  • Types of documents and records to be stored — Sensitivity of security concerns of each type or class of document and what access permissions are required to maintain secrecy or confidentiality.

Typically, an organization will require only one Library Administrator along with a backup for vacations and holidays. In a very document intensive environment, this could be a full-time job directing a team of document scanning and imaging personnel. Best Practices for Setting up the Library for more information.