Create a Drill Down Menu

Drill down drop-down menus create a tree structure for the user to select the metadata value from.  When a user makes a selection in the first list, a second, related list will appear. For example, there could be a drop-down menu that contains a list of the organization's positions and when a position is picked, a list of all people that hold that position displays.

To create drill down menus

  1. In the Web Client, go to  Administration Panel > Library Configuration > Metadata Fields.
  • Alternatively, in the FDA, go to Administration > Manage Schemas > Metadata Fields.
  1. In the Add Metadata Field pane, enter a Name for the metadata.

  2. Enter a Description for the metadata.

  3. Select a Drill Drop Down Menu.

  4. From the Web Client, click Manage Menu Items.

  • From the FDA, click the Field Properties tab. Add, Edit, Delete, and organize the order of the drop down list.

  1. Type in the first entry for the drop-down menu and click Add. Continue to add menu items until all selections are added.

  2. Select one of the existing drop-down menu items and to create the "branches" and/or "leaves" (sub menu items) of the drill down "tree" structure.

  3. Type in the first "branch" or "leaf" name and click Add. The item will appear under the selected menu item and the selected menu item will display a plus sign next to it.

  4. Continue to add sub menu items to all the menu items until completed.

  5. Enter a Separator type such as -, _, < or /. The default is >.

  6. If you want to show the full path of the "tree" structure in the metadata field box, select the Show Full Path check box. For example, if the check box is enabled, the value in the metadata field will show as "Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver". If the check box is disabled, the value in the metadata field will show as "Vancouver".

  7. If you want only the last item in the sub menu (called "leaves") to be selected, select the Select Only Leaves check box. If the check box is not enabled, then users can select a value from any level in the "tree" structure.

  8. Select an Initial Value, if applicable.

  9. From the Web Client, click Save.

  • From the FDA, click OK.

Drill Down Drop Down Menu