Changing cabinet or folder owner

Library Administrators can change the ownership of a cabinet or a folder. This utility is useful for long term absences or the termination of an employee that owns Cabinets and Folders in the document management software.

If you are changing ownership on hundreds or more folders, please be aware that this can require significant server resources, and we recommend that this operation be done later in the day when end-user usage of system is lower, or after hours when system usage is minimal.

If you are planning to do Cabinet and Folder ownership changes, do one major change at a time, and wait for the first operation to be finished before starting the second job. (Example, Cabinet changes - then folder changes)

The Find People search results allows you to check in for a user that may have been deleted, disabled, or whose permissions have been changed (invalid) in the system. When changing cabinet/folder owners, the following statuses will be included in the search results next to the user name, if applicable:

  • (Deleted) — The user or group no longer exists in FileHold.

  • (Disabled) — The user no longer has a FileHold license or has been disabled in Microsoft Active Directory.

  • (Invalid folder or cabinet owner) —The user or group owns at least one cabinet and does not have permission to be a cabinet owner. 

To display a list of all users in the system in the search results, leave the First or Last Name field blank and click Find Now. This will aid you in finding any deleted, disabled, or invalid users.

To change the owner of a cabinet/folder

  1. In Web Client, in Library Admin, go to Administration Panel > Library Management > Change Cabinet/Folder Owner.

  2. In the Find People area, enter the first or last name of the user and click Find Now. Alternatively, you can leave the name field blank to return a list of users that are cabinet/folder owners.

  3. In the search results,select the user and click Select.

  4. In the search results, select the cabinets/drawers/folders from the list for which you want to change the owner.

  5. Click Change Cabinet or Folder Owner.

  6. In the Find People area, enter the first or last name of the user that you want to change ownership to and click Find Now.

  7. Select the name in the search results and click Select.

  8. A message will display stating that the Cabinet/Folder owner has changed. Click OK.

  9. To export the list as CSV, click Export as CSV.

  10. Change the page size to 15, 30, or 60 documents per page using the Page size drop down.