Managing cabinet access

By defining the membership of the Cabinet, controls are set in regards to who can view the Cabinet and what they can do to the material that they access. Cabinet membership can provide for as many groups as needed. Groups are created by the Systems Administrator of the document management system groups to provide access and permissions to the content.

Permissions can be inherited from the cabinet by all of the folders and documents inside of it (this is recommended). The owner/administrator can then further adjust access and permissions at the folder and schema level to restrict specific users from specific folders/documents. Once the permissions are set at the Cabinet level, adding a new member is as easy as adding them to a group. The new user will simply inherit all the access and permissions of the group they are assigned, and any minor adjustments to permissions can be made at the folder or schema level by the owner.

Cabinet security can be set by owners of the cabinet, senior library administrators and system administrators.

For more information on library and document security see, Library and document security.

To edit the cabinet security (membership)

  1. Right-click on a Cabinet name and select Properties.

  2. In the Cabinet Properties window, click the Security tab.

  3. Add or remove users or groups to the cabinet membership.

  4. To see which user roles the user or group belongs to, select the user or group name in the Current Members list and click Effective Permissions. The user role for that cabinet member will appear in the Effective Permissions list.

  5. To set advanced security options on a user or group, select the user or group name in the Current Members list and click Advanced Security Options. To modify the rights, select a user role from the list and click Apply. To revert to the default user role, click Restore.

  6. Select the Security Options check box if you want to make this the default security setting for this cabinet.

  7. In the Folder Members area, select one of the options:

  • Leave folder members unchanged.

  • Reset all folders in the cabinet to the same members as the cabinet itself. This option will push down the permissions from the cabinet to all the folders within the cabinets.

  • Reset all folders in the cabinet to inherit the cabinet’s membership. This will enable a check box on the folder level that sets the folder to inherit the cabinet permissions.

If you have a cabinet with a large number of folders (hundreds or thousands) you should allow some time for the change to complete. You should do this at a time when the system is not busy.

  1. Click OK.


Cabinet security settings