FileHold trial implementation plan

There are a number of activities needed to successfully implement a FileHold trial. Some of these activities are performed by the customer and or by FileHold; some are Mandatory and some are Optional. In all cases customers should provide a project manager or key user who is responsible for ensuring that all activities required of the customer are completed.

Your account manager can work with you to articulate your trial goals and determine if the goals can be met with a free trial implementation or if some additional professional services may be necessary. This typically includes experts in installation and training, but it can also include analysts to look at your business processes, and other activities depending on your trial goals.

The following list highlights the activities from a typical trial implementation plan, but many variations are possible to accommodate special situations. In some cases the order of items may be switched as needed; some items can run in parallel.

Activity M/O Description How Responsible
1.1 M Send welcome trial letter and software download instructions.   FileHold
1.2 O Implementation kickoff and planning session. Determine which activities are needed to complete the goals of the trial.   FileHold and Customer
2.1 M Prepare the server(s). Installation Guide Customer or FileHold
2.2 M Send the successful pre-installation check report to [email protected]. Supplemental Installation Guide Customer or FileHold
2.3 M Install FileHold. Includes our 2 hour installation guarantee when FileHold performs the installation. Installation Guide Customer or FileHold
2.4 O Synchronize Active Directory. This may be approved on special request for trials.   FileHold
3.1 O Train trial participants on the specific product features necessary to meet the goals of the trial. Training Curriculum FileHold and Customer
3.2 M Complete the trial activities needed to meet the goals of the trial.   Customer
3.3 M Trial goals review and assessment.   Customer and Account Manager