Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint

The document management software supports deployment with Microsoft SharePoint (both WSS and MOSS). SharePoint users can gain all the advantages of scanning, viewers, and workflow simply by plugging in the document management software.

Integration of the document management functionality in web parts

  • Embedded Web Client web part – essentially a complete document management system web client functionality accessible from SharePoint but without the ability to move (copy or check-out/check-in) between both platforms.
  • SharePoint Client web part – a “connector” between FileHold and SharePoint allows SharePoint documents to be added or moved to document repository and for FileHold documents to be copied to the SharePoint Folders/Libraries or to be checked-out from the document management system to SharePoint Folders/Libraries and then subsequently Checked-in to FileHold.
  • Search Web Part (up to Sharepoint 2010) allows users to search the repository from within SharePoint and to display the results in the Search web part placed on the SharePoint Federated Search Results page. This page can be configured to display, alongside the search results from FileHold, search results from other sources such as Microsoft Bing search engine, Microsoft Exchange, share drives, SharePoint sites/folders/libraries etc. Results from all this sources are presented as separate result lists (they are not merged together), however, the search query is entered once for all configured sources and all search results coexist on one federated results page. The results from FileHold are presented as document links and clicking on a link takes the user directly to the document management software with the relevant document highlighted in the folder and metadata panel displayed.
  • Search Result Source (Sharepoint 2013 and higher) works similarly to the search web part, but adapts to the FileHold OpenSearch feature. The Search results are based on a user’s access so when the search is configured, the user who the search will be performed under has to be defined so the results may vary.

When browsing through the SharePoint document library folders it is possible to easily distinguish between documents which were checked out from FileHold and those which were not. When a user invokes the document level contextual menu (by right clicking on the document icon) the document management systems Check-in menu option is either active for the documents which were checked out from FileHold or dimmed (unavailable) if they were not.