Developer resources for FileHold

There are a number of customizations that can be done to the document management software through developer tools. For example, customers can develop their own auto-filing script in order to set the destination of documents and records automatically from the Inbox in the FileHold Desktop Application. Workflow email notifications can be modified to suit an organization's needs. If custom reports are required, then FileHold can be integrated with Microsoft Reporting Services. And lastly, the free API kit can be used to make your own custom modules and front end solutions to integrate with the document management system.

Any customizations done through the developer tools are not covered under FileCare. Support for developers who require training or additional information is available from the Professional Services team on a billable bases. Contact [email protected] for a quotation.

For more information on developer resources, select a link below.

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Configuring the AutoFilingMembership.xml file

Schema-based auto-filing script

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Microsoft SQL Reporting Services integration with Windows Authentication

Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint

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