Courier overview

FileHold customers need to send documents stored in the repository or approval tasks to employees, customers, partners, contractors, or associates who are not licensed users of the FileHold system. Courier allows you to transmit documents for viewing or approving to people inside or outside the FileHold system.

Some typical scenarios where this feature will be used include the following:

  • Engineering transmittals
  • Contract approvals
  • Employee attestations
  • Private document lists
  • Expense reports

Courier is a "proof of delivery" system where unlike email it is a secure method of sending documents. With email, there is no way to know if the documents ever arrived, if the attachment could be opened by the recipient, etc. Courier notifies recipients by email of a transmission, but the transaction is fully tracked. If the recipient does not view the document by a specified time they can be sent a reminder and the sender can be notified. When they do view the document the viewing will be recorded in the log.

Courier transmissions cannot be sent to internal users that use modern authentication when a password is required. Local and domain users are only supported at this time.

Courier is a pay per use system. Documents can be sent to an enabled FileHold registered user for “free” or customers can prepay for a certain number of “Courier license units” by non-registered users. As a “transmission” is sent to a non-registered user, the transmission will be deducted from the amount of Courier units purchased. For more details on Courier licenses, see the System Administration Guide. For pricing details on Courier license packs, contact [email protected].

Library administrators and higher roles can configure the Courier templates in order to route the documents for viewing or approving. Once the templates are created, they are assigned to document schemas. Anyone who has document publisher rights or higher can send a Courier transmission unless they are restricted to do so by an administrator.

Courier is a powerful tool for contacting entities and individuals outside your organization. Customers should ensure they are deploying the tool in a safe and legal way for their IT environment and legal jurisdiction(s).

The following diagram is a high level overview for setting up and using Courier.

Courier overview diagram

Follow steps below to configure and use the Courier system:

  1. Enable Courier in the system settings.
  2. Create the Courier templates.
  3. Apply the Courier templates to the schemas.
  4. Initiate a Courier transmission on documents.
  5. Review the Courier transmission report to see the status of the transmission. In other words, to see if the documents were viewed and/or approved.

Follow these steps to prepare Courier for sending transmissions to email addresses that are not users in FileHold:

  1. Purchase Courier license - Contact [email protected] for a quote.
  2. Apply Courier license file to the FileHold server.

Enabling Courier

When enabled, users are able to initiate a Courier process on documents provided the feature has not been disabled at the group level and an administrator has configured the Courier templates.

To enable Courier

  1. Go to Administration Panel > System Configuration > General > Settings > Courier settings.
  2. Click the Enable Courier check box.
  3. Click Update.