Integration of Third Party Applications

FileHold software offers easy integration with other applications to make document management a part of all your business processes.

The document and record life cycle software is based on the Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model. Microsoft provides an ideal technology platform to implement web services and to deliver modern Service Oriented Architecture. This architecture provides tremendous benefits to customers, partners and to product development and professional services teams in terms of product scalability, flexibility and performance.

Visit FileHold's developers help section regarding Web Services API.

The main subsystems of the document management software communicate with each other via secure and fully authenticated web service calls. All FileHold application clients (including the Web Client, Desktop Application and MS Office Add-in) interact with the Server using the same web services and calls. These very same web services make up the document management software Web Services API for integration of custom clients with the library. The Web Service API allows: the integration of the document management software functionality into other productivity applications, the development of connectors to import documents and metadata into the software from other applications or the ability to retrieve data and documents from the document management software through a custom Intranet portal.

The Service Oriented Architecture provides the ability to deploy web services on different servers for the ultimate in system scalability and performance management.

Learn more about third party integration with our document management software using Service Oriented Architecture.