Virtual Folders - Create your own Folders

Virtual folders provide a productivity feature for those who have to work on and assemble complex documents from many different sources.

These folders allow users to aggregate files throughout the document management software into their own personal desktop virtual views. For example, a Project Manager might have a virtual folder containing project documentation, project legal contract documents, invoices, design documentation and emails even though each document is stored in different locations of the library.

A virtual folder does not contain the actual document; it only holds a pointer or "shortcut" to the document therefore documents can be added or deleted from the virtual folder at any time without affecting the library structure. Virtual folders can be made private (only viewable by the logged in user) or public (viewable to certain groups or users). Public virtual folders are handy when you have consultants or auditors viewing your records and you want to put all of the necessary information in a single area.

Document staging and publishing areas

Users can quickly create staging and collaboration areas for documents as they are being worked upon. Once reviewed and approved, documents can be moved or linked to publishing folders meant for wider spread distribution where they are protected from change or accidental deletion.

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