Document and User Tracking Logs

FileHold provides document and user tracking information to allow organizations to be in compliance with the toughest standards.

The document management software access and usage logging, ensures that all user interactions with documents are tracked and can be reported at any time. Information tracked by the document usage logs include:

  • Tracking all document usage and actions by document version number.
  • Tracking who created each version of the document and when they created it.
  • Tracking any workflows that the document version has gone through as well as the results of the document workflow including feedback documents, review comments and approval/rejection of the document.

The document usage log provides a permanent record of all of the interactions that users have with individual versions of a file stored in the document management system. You can quickly search the entire database to reveal all interactions that any user has had with any document and when the interaction occurred. Recorded actions include: check out, check in, downloaded, emailed, linked, moved, copied, viewed, printed, deleted and many more. Even if a document has been permanently deleted from the repository, you can still refer to the usage log to see when and who deleted the document.

The Workflow Status Report shows the status of all workflows that are occurring in the system that the user is the initiator of, a participant in, or an observer. The report shows the tasks from all activities, including those that have not yet started (future tasks). From here you can view all documents that are a part of a workflow, the workflow template and any other workflow details.

The information captured for each log entry include:

  • Document action
  • Document version
  • User date: time and document location changes.

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