URL Support

FileHold provides the ability to access documents stored in the document management software directly via a URL. The URL is a password protected method of providing documents to an audience in a fast and convenient way which minimizes time when looking for the document path.

The document URL acts as a unique pointer to this document that can be used in other documents, portals, web pages or any location that needs to directly reference a document in the library.

The URL is automatically updated to access the most recent version of the document eliminating the need to update URLs wherever they are used.

When users click on a URL, they will first be prompted to login into the document management software ensuring the system defined document access security standards are in place. Once logged in, the user will be immediately taken directly to the requested document in the list. The document will be highlighted in the folder list for easy viewing. The document can now be checked out or the user can view the metadata properties, approve or review the document, get a local copy and perform many other functions.

It is possible to integrate web scanning (WebCap) and web viewing with external applications in a way that is fairly seamless to end users. Direct URLs are available to the external application and the web view that is provided can be presented with a user interface that is isolated to only web scanning or only web viewing. In addition, information can be passed to FileHold to open a specific document or preset metadata before scanning.

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