Document and Folder Subscriptions

Users can subscribe to document files or folders and be automatically notified, via email or personal alerts page, of the change or addition of documents in system; this feature keeps the user completely informed and updated without time consuming micro management of the document to check for changes.

Document alerts allow you to be alerted of changes that occur to files or folders kept in the library. For example, a user in payroll subscribes to an Expense Reports folder that notifies them of when an expense report needs processing by sending an alert. The following outlines some of the features of file and folder subscriptions:

  • When subscribing to files, users can elect to be alerted when a new version of the file is being added or when the metadata associated with the file is changed.
  • When subscribing to folders,user can elect to be alerted when a document is added, transferred to or deleted from the folder.
  • Users can elect to be notified by their personal alerts page, email or both.
  • When users receive an email notification, they can click on the link in the notification email which will conveniently bring them to the file directly within FileHold.

Users can easily manage all of their folder and file subscriptions from a central list. Users can also determine when and what type of notifications that they want to receive by setting up their alert preferences.

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