Access Documents via the Web or Mobile Device

Documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. This provides convenience of having documents fully retrievable while away from the office.

It is possible to access the document management system via a web browser to search, retrieve and work on documents from the document repository, whether you’re using the corporate intranet, logging in from a branch office, or connecting from a laptop while in the field. You can even view your documents from your smart phone device using Mobile FileHold!

Benefits include:

  • Add, retrieve, and work with documents from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Expand access to documents and promote participation in business processes and workflow.
  • Customize the web client with your own organization's branding.
  • Integrate the document management system with your intranet to create a custom Anonymous Portal.
  • Allow limited registered or portal alias users of the system to access specific documents or areas in the library without having the need for a full user license.

Manage FileHold from anywhere in the world

All system administration and library administration functionality can be accessed remotely using a standard web browser over the internet or through the company's LAN or WAN. SSL and VPN support further secure remote user and administrator access to the system.

See which web browsers are supported in our system requirements page.

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