Mobile FileHold

In most companies, the use of smartphones is common. They are lightweight, extremely portable, and allows the workforce to stay on top of ever-increasing amounts of corporate information. Fast access to this information from anywhere, be it from the factory, remote office, taxi, or on public transportation, is vital for today's professionals. This is why we offer Mobile FileHold for on the go!

With FileHold’s mobile document management software, your vital corporate content is always available. Industrial workers who need to consult a specific procedure, a technician who needs to check on a process, or a manager who needs to approve a purchase order can do this on their smartphone from any location.

The mobile client will run on Apple iOS devices, Android, and most other devices with an HTML5 compatible browser.

Mobile document management capabilities

In Mobile FileHold you can:

  • Add files
  • Search for documents
  • Submit reviews and approvals for workflow tasks
  • View metadata and version properties for a document
  • Download and view a document through your device’s supported application
  • Initiate a workflow on a document

Mobile FileHold - Document Management Software on the Go!

Watch a short video on the easiest mobile document management software you'll ever use.

Mobile document workflow approval

The FileHold mobile DMS software solution is HTML5 based, so it will run on a wide variety of mobile devices. The minimum screen resolution targeted is 240 x 320.

The interface has been kept simple and focused in contrast to the full web client presentation. The mobile client is designed to perform the three most often requested basic functions:

  1. Retrieving documents
  2. Adding documents
  3. Reviewing or approving workflow tasks

Retrieving documents

The search feature for retrieving documents is simple to use. Users can search using a simple search feature or using a private or public saved search.  As an example, an administrator can set up a saved search that will look for part specifications. The public saved search will specify what is needed to find all specification documents and a single field is left open for the user to enter the part number they are looking for. The user is able to see all metadata and document properties and they can get a copy of the document. Depending on the document format and the capabilities of the device they can also view the document.

Adding documents

Adding documents is straight forward. Users simply choose a file on the device and enter any necessary metadata. The files can be images taken with the camera or they can come from just about anywhere. For example a user can have an application such as Scan to PDF, from Ice Cold Apps, on a Blackberry device, create multi page PDF documents then upload them to FileHold.

Reviewing or approving workflow tasks

There is a My Tasks button for reviews and approvals. Users get a list of documents that need review or approval. By clicking on a specific document users can perform the action. This feature provides for reviews and approvals and the addition of comments.

For more information on how to use Mobile FileHold, please refer to our Knowledge Base

For more information on how mobile FileHold can automate your mobile workforce, contact [email protected].