Email Directly from FileHold

Easily email documents or secured links to documents that are stored in the document management software. Documents can be emailed directly to team members, partners, suppliers, or customers.

When sending files, it is important to send the file in a manner that allows other users to access the information while keeping sensitive data safe.

There are two ways to send files:

  • Send as an attachment – Attachments are the most common way of sharing files via email; however, they are the least secure as anyone who receives the attachment can open the document.
  • Send as a link – Links are not as common as attachments when sharing documents; however, they are the most secure. The recipient must also have access to the document in the system whereas attachments can be opened by anyone who receives them in the email. Those that do not have permission in the document management system to access the file will be unable to open the document via the link. Both the Web Client URL and FDA link can be appended to the body of the email.

When emailing a link or attachment, emails retain the properties of your Microsoft Outlook messages including signature blocks and other added items like legal disclaimers.

Administrators can determine which way users can send files (links or attachments) via a global setting.

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