Document Numbering in FileHold

FileHold software has many ways to solve the business problem of uniquely numbering and versioning documents. The software provides near infinite numbering / versioning possibilities using the metadata fields. The metadata fields are flexible, controllable, and searchable to allow users to create any numbering schemes they may require. The following are the document number control schemes that FileHold provides as a standard feature.

Document ID - Unique system generated number

The document management system automatically assigns a unique number to every single document that is added to FileHold. This number called the: FileHold ID Number. This number can be added to the document electronically and (coming soon) even printed on the document.

Document control numbering

Some customers assign a specific number to a document and use it throughout its life cycle,this is what FileHold calls a "Document Control Number".

Document control number fields are created and modified in the "Library Administration" section of FileHold. Therefore the creators must have at least Library administration rights. Once a document control number schema is created, users can create new document and a new and unique document control number will be automatically allocated.

To learn more about document numbering, read our white paper.