Courier - Secure e-mail service

FileHold Courier

If you need to  share documents such as contracts, tenders, agreements, applications and announcements with customers, partners, contractors, or associates  FileHold Courier does it securely and provides "proof of delivery" reporting.

Courier is a secure e-mail service that allows you to email a document notification to people inside or outside the FileHold system.  On receipt of notification the recipient securely accesses the FileHold portal to review and approve the document.  Courier is a “proof of delivery” system. Unlike email Courier is a secure method of sharing documents without sending them as an attachment. With email there is no way to know if the documents ever arrived or if the attachment could be or was opened by the recipient. With Courier, recipients are notified by email containing a secure link to the FileHold repository.  All view or approve actions are fully tracked, logged in FileHold and reported back to the Courier originator.


FAQ - How does Courier Work as a secure e-mail service

Why is it called “FileHold Courier”?

Courier works like mail or express delivery. Unlike email, it keeps a record of deliveries and proof of delivery just like with a courier would do.

Is Courier an optional feature?

NO - Courier is available to all customers at no extra charge to use within their existing licensed user community.  Documents can be sent to an enabled FileHold registered user and the use has already been paid for by virtue of the recipient being a registered user.

YES - For email contacts who do not have a FileHold license, Courier is a pay per use system. Customers can prepay for a number of uses of Courier to transmit documents to people that are not registered users of FileHold. When they send a transmission to a non-registered user, the transmission is deducted from the amount of uses they purchased. When they run low or run out of uses they can purchase more uses with a simple email request to [email protected]. The system includes reports to track usage and a dashboard to see the current status at a glance.

What is the advantage of sending a document for viewing with Courier instead of attaching it to an email?

Email is an insecure method of sending documents. There is no way to know if the documents ever arrived or if the attachment was opened by the recipient, etc. Courier will notify recipients by email of a transmission and the transaction is fully tracked. If the recipient does not view the document by a specified time they can be sent a reminder and the sender will be notified when overdue. When they do view the document, the action is recorded in the log.

Courier can be a verified source. When our customers setup the Courier portal they will purchase a SSL certificate from one of many verified providers like Symantec or Thawte. The recipient’s browser will indicate they are connected to a secure source like they would see with their bank. Emails are insecure and people are constantly receiving phishing emails that look legitimate. With Courier, recipients are secure in knowing they are accessing true documents.

Courier will help to protect private information. When a document is attached to an email it can be read by any email server in the path between the sender and recipient. Encrypting the document can help here, but encryption like that found on a PDF or Microsoft Office document can be broken without a great deal of effort. With Courier the document will never exist on any computer except those in control of the sender and recipient. The communication between the computers can be configured to use the sort of security that is used to handle banking transactions.

Will it be possible to sign documents in Courier?

Yes. The approval option will let you get an electronic signature just as FileHold does with workflow today. The document in FileHold is marked as approved and the transmission log gives you access to see the Courier approver.

Will I know if someone viewed the document I sent them?

Yes. Just like with the document usage log we have today in FileHold every download of the document is tracked. If you send multiple documents for viewing, you are able to see when all the documents have been viewed. You can also set a view by date on documents with reminders for the recipients.

Can recipients ask questions about documents?

For approvals, yes. They would do this by postponing the approval of a document and requesting changes.

Can Courier be used on mobile devices?

Yes. The Courier client is a responsive web application. This means the pages will automatically adapt for the screen size of the user.

How do customers control Courier use?

FileHold groups now have a new option to disable the ability for users in that group to send documents to Courier. This way only authorized users are able to consume Courier license units. It is also possible to temporarily lock a Courier license pack and prevent any consumption of units.

How do customers track Courier licenses?

There is an administrative audit log available showing who issued the licenses and for what including recipients, documents, and action. There is also an entry on the administrative dashboard that shows the current number of available Courier use licenses and indicates if they are getting low.

What happens if someone issues a Courier license in error?

No problem. A transmission can be canceled, at no cost, by the sender or an administrator up until the recipient views or approves a document. After that time the transmission can still be canceled, but the Courier license will not be returnable.

Does Courier integrate with Active Directory?

Registered users work the same with Courier as the rest of FileHold with respect to active directory. For Courier users we need only an email. The email can be entered when the document is sent, predefined in the template, or extracted from a metadata field. The email addresses are not connected to active directory.

To learn more about how Courier works inside the FileHold document management system contact sales@filehold.com