Document Workflow and Reminders Calendar

Every office is busy these days so there has never been a greater need  to keep organized. An activity calendar to track workflows and document related projects makes life easier. The FileHold software calendar differentiates daily tasks and makes it possible to meet document management goals.

Document activity software calendar

Once thing today workforce needs is a calendar that summarizes daily tasks and reminders at a glance. The document management system Calendar displays the following:

  • Active, overdue, and completed workflow tasks.
  • Past, current, and future reminders.
  • Scheduled events can be shown for Library Administrators and System Administrators. Events are for when documents are set to be archived, converted to a record, or disposed.

The Calendar is shown in the "My FileHold" area of the Library tree in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). The Calendar can be viewed by the Month, Week, Day, or today (current date). It is possible to scroll through the months, weeks, days, and years using the scroll arrows.

For a demonstration of the Calendar, sign up for one of our webinars.