Standard Document Management Software Features

Standard features of FileHold

FileHold Document Management Software has all of the essential features organizations need to make their documents secure, organized and compliant right "out of the box".

FileHold delivers essential documents, records and workflow management features. Many standard features that come with the document management software are described below.

Web browser access

FileHold document management software can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a web browser. Multiple browsers are supported and all functionality is available including system administration and library administration.

Mobile FileHold

Manage your documents while out of the office with the easiest mobile document management software you will ever use.


Search documents from a simple Google-like search or an advanced search using metadata. Save the searches to create reports whenever you need them.

Document viewers

A FileHold Level 1 viewer comes with every registered user software license and allows users to see an image of a document without the need to have the native software installed on the computer the viewers work with both the web client and the desktop application.

Microsoft Teams integration

Share documents directly between Microsoft 365 Teams and FileHold. Create documents in Teams then add them to the FileHold document management system. Or create them in FileHold and add them to a team. Check them out of FileHold so a group can use the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, then check them back into FileHold as the authoritative record for the documents. FileHold keeps track of the documents in Teams allowing them to be automatically synchronized.

Microsoft Office integration

Tight integration with Microsoft Office is provided that gives direct access from the document software to: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Visio.

Records management software

Manage both short and long term working and archived documents. Advanced Record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and paper based records are standard in the document management software.  Document, data and usage history is fully captured to stay in compliance.

Electronic forms (e-Forms)

Metadata information can be extracted from electronic forms created using the standard Microsoft Word tools found in Office or PDF forms.  Once created the form data can be automatically extracted into FileHold metadata when the form is added to the Filehold document management system.


FileHold Courier allows you to transmit documents for viewing or approving to people inside or outside the document management system. Courier is a “proof of delivery” system where unlike email it is a secure method of sending documents. With email there is no way to know if the documents ever arrived or if the attachment could be opened by the recipient. With Courier, recipients are notified by email containing a secure link which is then fully tracked and logged in FileHold.


Differentiate your daily tasks and become more proficient at accomplishing your document management goals using the FileHold calendar.

Document version control

Document version control software provides: check in / checkout ability preventing documents from being overwritten or deleted as documents are updated by more than one party. All versions of a document are maintained by the software.

Document scanning and indexing

The FileHold document management system ships with scanning and imaging software that support all scanners types to allow organizations to “go paperless”.  Basic and advanced third party scanning software is supported for both simple and complex document scanning operations.  This is our partner software for processing scanned documents, applying optical character recognition (OCR), automatically learning how to find relevant text, and pre-populating metadata fields before importing into FileHold. This is particularly powerful with standardized forms like invoices as part of the AP process. We offer a complimentary license of this software with installs, which can be installed on multiple workstations, although only one copy can be running at a time.

Check documents out / Check documents in

Users are able to check in and check out documents from the document management software from within Microsoft Office applications, using the Desktop Application or from anywhere in the world using the web interface.  

Document "tagging" or metadata capture

Capturing metadata or "tagging" (key data about the document) is the key to successful search and document  organization. The document management software has easy to use controlled document tagging ensuring documents are classified.

Virtual folders

The Virtual Folders feature in the software allows limitless aggregation of documents throughout the library into personal "views". A Project Manager might have a virtual folder containing project documentation, project legal contract documents, invoices, design documentation and emails even though each document is stored in different locations of the library.

Language packs

FileHold document management software offers two language packs as standard features: French and Spanish. The user interface can be translated into any language by customers or partners. Some languages that have been translated by customers include Polish, Arabic and Chinese.

Work offline

If you are traveling or out of the office and are not connected to the FileHold document management server, you can still work on your important documents offline. The document management software will recognize the document changes and can be synchronized with the Library once you are back online.

Document linking

Document to document linking builds parent or child relationships between documents and allows users to link and organize documents in logical groups.  Linking provides the ability to create document shortcuts to documents frequently needed.

Matter-centric filing (Auto-tagging)

Metadata is automatically applied to a document when being added to a specific destination folder.  Matter Centric filing is a feature / term commonly used in the legal industry.

User roles and security

FileHold document management software ships with a choice out of 11 different user security roles ranging from "read only" to "System Administration" to provide an appropriate level of user access permissions for workers at all levels.  Users see only documents that  administrators want them to see. To learn more about How FileHold solves the user security business problem go to: business problem solved securing access to documents.

Watched folders

FileHold document management software can be configured so that certain folders on the local computer or network are "watched" by FileHold and then automatically moved into the library. The documents imported into FileHold by the watched folder functionality can be automatically tagged and destination folder pre-configured.

Ease of use

The FileHold filing structure mirrors the physical office filing environment. Document cabinets contain drawers that contain folder groups and or folders that contain documents. This familiar document filing approach ensures that users can easily browse for documents in a logical and efficient fashion.

User audit logging and tracking

FileHold tracks and records every user activity to ensure a complete audit trail of document activity in the document management software. This document auditing capability ensures compliance and protects intellectual property.


Email documents via attachments or links.

Document subscriptions

FileHold document management software allows users to subscribe to and to be notified of edits to documents or changes to folders they have subscribed to.  When an existing document is updated or a document is added to a folder, the user receives email notification that the change has occurred, who has changed it, and receives a secure link to directly access the document.

Document naming standards

The document management software can be configured to automatically create document names to enforce adherence to document or record naming conventions.

Third-party integration

A well documented Web Services API allows direct integration with third party applications and flexible integration with existing back office systems. These web services are available to third parties to provide easy integration with other enterprise solutions and productivity applications.

URL support

Provides the ability to send a secure link to a document, rather than emailing the document and cluttering up the mail inbox. This link can then be clicked on to launch the Web Client or Desktop Client to work on the document in a few seconds.

Document control numbering

This feature provides for the automatic application of document control numbers to documents.

Reporting and document compliance

FileHold comes with many built in reports to give administrators information about the usage of documents and users.

FIPS compliance

FileHold is FIPS-140 (US Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant. The US Federal Government requires compliance in order to meet security and interoperability standards. Licenses and passwords are encrypted using a FIPS-140 compliant algorithm to meet full compliance.

Health Checker Tool

The FileHold Health Checker tool to check over 250 server configuration and FileHold Server health settings for troubleshooting or server health verification purposes.

Customer Testimonial

"We are extremely happy with FileHold and all of the support we have received over the year. The system is working well for us and we are happy to respond to reference requests at any time.  Keep up the good work!"