Desktop Scanning

FileHold document management software ships with SmartSoft Capture scanning software to turn cabinets full of paper into a secure, version controlled and compliant electronic library. Cost effective, licensing with no 'per scan' fee, Capture provides a big business document scanning solution at a small business price!

The document scanning solution that comes with FileHold is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses that are ready to replace the time consuming and error-prone process of manually managing paperwork with a complete document management system that is capable of handling thousands of documents. Operators process documents more efficiently and reduce or eliminate storage and filing costs associated with maintaining hard copy versions.

Key features:

  • Scanning and job automation features allow scan operators to create batch processing workflows that can handle the different types of documents to be scanned (such as invoices, purchase orders or checks) depending on the scanning need. Job and document separation features can quickly split a stack of paper into individual electronic documents. Once scanned and processed, batches of scanned files are automatically sent to storage in the library.
  • During or after the scanning process Image processing features can refine the scanned image files by adjusting the contrast, removing scanned artifacts or straightening the image insuring the final document scans are of the highest quality.
  • Optical Character recognition features (also known as OCR) extract typed text from the scanned image file by recognizing the characters on each page. This text is added to the full text search index making the content of the scanned document instantly searchable from within the document management software.
  • Tagging features index and classify each document by associating metadata with it insuring the document can be found quickly at a later date. Zonal-OCR and barcode recognition features can partially or fully automate the tagging process on behalf of the scan operator eliminating the need for manual data entry and oversight while dramatically reducing data entry errors.
  • File Conversion features can save scanned document to a variety of file formats including searchable PDF, word, text, XML, HTML or image formats (Other formats include - Supports most every file format: TIFF, PNG, PCX/DCX, BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, CALS, JBIG, MO:DCA, GIF, PDA and PDF. GIF)
  • Document Filing Automation – Once document scanning is complete automatic filing features send scanned files to their storage location in the software. Scanned documents can be sent to a single pre-defined folder in the library or they can be dynamically filed based on the metadata associated with each scanned document.
  • Scanned document File Viewer - High performance viewer delivers many features to both display and manipulate images, such as: fast scaling (zoom in and out); image manipulation; thumbnail viewer; rotation; and scale-to-gray conversion to improve the readability of images.
  • Decentralized document Scanning Support - The decentralized scanning and addition of scanned documents from remote offices located anywhere in the world over the LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet is supported.
  • Multi-stream Processing and Automation Color Detection - Receive both color and binary image streams through one scan; each with unique settings appropriate for the stream.
  • Cost-effective and Time-effective - Easy setup allows operators to be up and scanning within minutes. No proprietary hardware required, and no expensive set-up charges
  • Ease Of Use - Scan images with minimal “clicks”, simple to configure: no special training required