SharePoint Web Part in FileHold eDMS

Make Microsoft SharePoint document management friendly and feature rich by adding "out of the box" FileHold software features as simple as adding a Web Part.

FileHold software can be installed as a "web part" in the Microsoft SharePoint Server or Windows SharePoint Services. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint is simple for users who want to implement the Paperless Office but need tools that are not inherent in SharePoint.

Features such as document scanning and imaging, support for over 300 scanner types, viewers, document workflow, document versioning, and 3rd party integration tools such as Print-to-FileHold and FastFind all in a single package.

How does SharePoint and FileHold software work together?

For document management, FileHold can be a great companion product to SharePoint in the enterprise. Both FileHold and SharePoint are Microsoft products that operate in the .NET environment. When users are synchronized with Active Directory it is possible to operate FileHold as a focused document management solution within SharePoint. With FileHold's SharePoint integration users can move easily move documents from SharePoint into FileHold creating a structured library with consistent metadata capture.

What about implementation costs?

Although SharePoint is inexpensive to purchase, it does not ship with third party components needed to make it work as a rich document management solution. A company considering SharePoint as a document management solution would have to add in the cost of:

  • Tightly integrated scanning software that will work with over 300 different scanners to convert paper into electronic form.
  • Out of the box user rights configurations for fast set up.
  • “Best Practices” guidelines and help for document and record management and retention.

Many companies would consider SharePoint far too expensive to implement for document management because it requires a large amount of IT resources to configure, train and support users and will take a long time to deploy (almost always outside consultants are hired if Document or Records Management features are required).

To read an independent consultant's review of FileHold software and SharePoint integration, see our Microsoft SharePoint and Integration with Content Management Platforms White paper.