Multiple Document Repositories

Document management software that limits documents to be only stored in a single location limits the size of the repository. Windows logical or physical storage locations may have a limitation of  2-4 TB maximum. With FileHold, there is no practical limitation to the number of documents that can be stored in the repository.

The document management software allows for the splitting of the document repository into multiple logical or physical locations to allow for very high storage capacity for documents. It doesn't matter in which repository the document resides as it is completely transparent to users.  In order to balance the load of adding and downloading files between multiple locations and ensure that files are distributed in a sensible way between locations with different level of free space, a semi-random algorithm is used to select the location for a new file. Once a repository reaches its threshold limit, documents will no longer be added to it and can only be downloaded. Any files being added to the repository will go to the one that has free space. As your repositories reach maximum capacity, additional repositories can be added to create additional storage space.

Multiple document repositories are an optional feature that is enabled on the software license. There is no practical limit to the number of repositories that can be made available.

To learn more about the multiple document repositories optional feature in the document management software, contact [email protected]