Enhanced Repository

Document management software that limits documents to be only stored in a single location limits the size of the repository. Windows logical or physical storage locations may have a limitation of 2-4 TB maximum. With FileHold, there is no practical limitation to the number of documents that can be stored in the repository.

The document management software allows for the splitting of the document repository into multiple logical or physical locations to allow for very high storage capacity for documents. It doesn't matter in which repository the document resides as it is completely transparent to users. In FileHold, a system administrator can define the preferred location for documents that fit a particular criteria. For example, a cabinet, such as Human Resources, can have its own repository locations. The library archive can also have separate repository locations defined. This makes it possible to store the archive documents according to IT policies and technologies that allow for less expensive storage and backup. When configuring document repository locations, groups are configured for their document preference: default, archive, or cabinet. Within each group is a repository location which sets the physical storage location. When a file is added to FileHold, the list of preferences is checked to which group it belongs in. If there is no matching group, the file is placed in the default group. Files in a particular repository location can be moved to a preferred or default group. Files are moved as a batch and can be viewed in the Batch Jobs report.

Enhanced repository is an optional feature that is enabled on the software license. There is no practical limit to the number of repositories that can be made available.

To learn more about the enhanced repository optional feature, contact [email protected]