Limited User Accounts in FileHold

Limited user accounts allow internal or external users to access documents in your repository such as newsletters, forms, or corporate policies without having the need to purchase a full registered user license for each user.

Limited user accounts are ideal for casual employees, external personnel, partners, or vendors that are not part of your internal network, but that may require access to specific documents or areas in the library.

Limited users can share a single username and password and are given read-only access to the documents. More than one person can access the library at the same time with a limited concurrent sessions. Limited users can only view and access the documents in the library to which they have been given permission.

To access the document management repository as a limited user:

  • Have users login using the username and password through the document management repository Web Client link.
  • Have users automatically login to an Anonymous Portal without having the need to enter a username and password.
  • Have limited users install the FileHold desktop client and login using a limited user account.

Purchasing concurrent limited connection licenses

If you have users that require access to your repository such as casual employees, external personnel, partners, or vendors but do not require a full registered user license, you can purchase concurrent limited connection licenses in order for them to access documents through the Web Client or the Anonymous Portal.

Limited concurrent connection licenses are sold in packs. You can purchase as many packs of limited connection licenses as needed. Limited concurrent sessions are used as a cost-effective method for users to access documents in the library in a limited way.

In addition to purchasing the limited concurrent sessions, "limited registered" or "portal alias” user account are required. To purchase limited user licenses, contact [email protected].

Learn more about using the Anonymous Portal and customizing it to your company's needs.