Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration

Adobe Acrobat Sign

With the FileHold and Adobe Acrobat Sign integration, you can send documents to be e-signed in a few quick clicks! Adobe Acrobat Sign provides a secure and legally accepted method for signing electronic documents with a digital signature for a wide number of countries.

The FileHold Adobe Acrobat Sign integration provides a method to use Adobe Acrobat Sign as a part of a FileHold workflow with documents stored in FileHold. This custom feature is dependent on the customer contracting directly with Adobe for their e-signature services. For customers who do not yet have an Adobe relationship FileHold can introduce you and help arrange a contract for e-signature services directly with them. In both cases FileHold will work directly through your contract to add the e-signature feature to the FileHold document management system.  To learn more about how you can add e-signatures to your FileHold document contact [email protected] .

When one or more documents, such as a contract, needs to be signed, they are sent to Adobe Acrobat Sign from a FileHold workflow task. The documents can be sent to Adobe Acrobat Sign with multiple recipients including internal and external signers, and CC'd users. A message and an expiration date for the signature can be included in the Adobe agreement. The sender has the opportunity to correct any errors in the signing fields from the Adobe Acrobat Sign authoring area prior to sending the document.

Once the document has been sent to Adobe Acrobat Sign, Adobe will send an email notification with a link to Adobe Document Cloud / eSign Services to the recipients. Once the contract is signed, Adobe will automatically send the signed documents to the FileHold server. These signed documents will be checked in as new versions of the originals. The workflow task is automatically completed once the signature is received so there is no additional steps for the sender.

FileHold provides a report of the Adobe Acrobat Sign transmissions where issues can be reconciled or documents can be synchronized with Adobe if there was a communication problem. FileHold also provides a log that can be monitored if there were any technical issues. The FileHold server must be accessible by the Adobe server in order to update the signed documents.

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