Quick notes extender plug-in

The Quick notes extender plug-in will allow for quickly creating an offline document in the metadata pane to allow users to enter “notes” from anywhere the document context-sensitive menu is accessible including the My Tasks > Show Documents pane, Search results, and folder lists. This feature is only available through the FileHold Desktop Application. There are configuration files that are installed on the server that enables the plug-in and sets the schema name for the offline "Notes".

Of course, a "notes" metadata field could be added to a document, but this is a very simple solution that does not allow easy multi-user tracking of information associated to the document. There are a variety of scenarios where associated notes in offline documents can be used. For example, documenting customer interactions on an insurance policy, associating multiple chart of accounts codes with an invoice, incident notes on an employees performance. Since offline documents have the full power of capturing complex metadata, this solution to note taking is not limited to a simple text field. The automatic copying of common metadata also ties nicely with the feature to automatically link documents by metadata.

The basic functionality of the extender is:

  1. Select a document from the folder list, search results, or Show documents pane.
  2. User right-clicks on the main document and select “Add Note” from a context sensitive menu.
  3. System opens the metadata pane with offline “Notes” schema. The screen focus remains on the current window.
  4. The system will automatically enter a generic Document Name, such as Notes1, which can be overwritten manually or updated using a custom naming pattern. No configuration of the document name is required and can be a constant value.
  5. The system matches the metadata field names of the offline schema with the main document schema. Then it automatically copies the values from the selected main document and populates the metadata pane values for the offline document.
  6. User enters the notes in the “Notes” text metadata field and saves the metadata.
  7. The offline notes document is added to the same cabinet/drawer/folder location as the source document. The user must have write access in this location.

The extender can be configured to automatically add notes as supporting documents for an active workflow that exist for the main document.

For more information about purchasing this extender, contact [email protected].