Active Directory User Synchronization to FileHold

If Microsoft Active Directory (often simply called AD) is used in your organization, FileHold can provide a single sign-on solution to save users time and increase security when accessing the document management software.

Microsoft Active Directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft Windows based computers and servers to store information and data about networks and domains. Microsoft Active Directory has a variety of functions including the ability to provide information on objects, helps organize these objects for easy retrieval and access, allows access by end users and administrators, and allows the administrator to set security up for the directory.

The User management module in the document management software can be easily and frequently synchronized with Active Directory users and user groups. It can also be populated with users that do not reside in Active Directory (those who are not domain members).

It is recommended that synchronization be done at the time of the initial deployment of the document management software. If integration is done after users and user documents have been populated in the library, there may be extra work in re-assigning documents and rights to the Active Directory users.

Active Directory Synchronization has a fixed fee and includes the necessary professional services to ensure successful implementation. To learn how to purchase the Active Directory synchronization option, contact [email protected]