Document management for SmartSoft™ Pro

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Keep all your documents in one place while integrating them with a premier capture and indexing solution like SmartSoft™ Pro.

The best solution for document capture and indexing can vary widely according to things like industry and volume. The FileScan Bridge from FileHold provides a simple link to SmartSoft™ Pro to get your documents in FileHold and ready to use FileHold's powerful search features for audits, customer service, etc. Along the way, the FileScan bridge will help to enrich documents with links to database cross references and auto-filing templates or scripts.

SmartSoft™ Pro is the big brother of the included SmartSoft™ Capture and the optional SmartSoft™ Plus which are the default capture and indexing solutions for FileHold.

Integration options

Name Description Skill level Type
FileScan Bridge* Automatically import files and indexes created by SmartSoft™ Pro into the FileHold inbox or directly into the FileHold library. Intermediate Included

* The Capture interface format is one of the native formats included with the FileScan Bridge. No conversion is necessary.