Document management for CityView®

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Keep all your documents in one place while integrating them with what you already do in CityView®.

CityView® lets you manage your municipal government and works in concert with FileHold to manage your documents.

Integration options

Name Description Skill level Type
CityView® FileHold integration module Contact the CityView, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation directly at Basic Optional feature
FastFind Search FileHold using information on CityView® screens. Basic Optional feature
Print to FileHold Add documents generated by CityView®. Basic Optional feature
Database dropdown menus* Synchronize data in CityView® to selection lists in FileHold. Intermediate Included
Schema lookup* Automatically fill fields from data in CityView®. Intermediate Included
Search by URL Link to sets of documents with matching information such as purchase orders. Intermediate to advanced Included
Document links Add direct links to documents. Basic Included

* May require FileHold External Integration option.