Re-branding FileHold Software

Re-branding is a benefit of the document management software that allows customers or partners to change the look and feel of the user interface to suit their own needs.

Re-branding of the document management software is the process of changing the "look and feel" by changing colour schemes, removing references to the “company” (various forms and usages), changing logos and replacing part or all of these with the choices of a customer or business partner who would like to represent document management software with their own brand.

This work is done through a collaboration between the professional services team and the Customer or Partner who is seeking the alternative branding. There is an initial fee for the re-branding as well as re-occurring fees when product upgrades are released.

If the re-branding involves the replacement of the FileHold logo with the Customer or Partner's logo, there are restrictions on logo size as well as a requirement to comply with the font size and type currently in use. Any replacement of the company name must be within the number of character parameters currently set for this field. Inserting or deleting significant amounts of characters is not allowed. The Customer or Partner will provide all graphical input into colour pallet and font choices.

Re-branding software exceptions

A complicating factor of re-branding is that the word FileHold is also used throughout the software in different contexts such as:

  • It is used to refer to the company.
  • It is used to mean “repository” or the place where documents are stored an example of this kind of usage is “My FileHold”.
  • It is also used to refer to the product, an example of this might be “Only local FileHold user accounts can use this feature”.

In reality, the references to “the company” and “the product” are very limited, most references are to the repository. The Professional Services team deals with this by identifying the context of the uses of the word FileHold so they can be replaced automatically by alternative wording.

For more information on private or OEM branding of the document management software contact [email protected]