Language Localization of FileHold Software

FileHold software supports customers and reseller partners around the world who have the need to to support languages other than English.

The process of modifying the document management software so that it is useful users with different locales and languages is called localization.

The document management software's client interfaces (web client, the document desktop application and Microsoft Office clients) are able to be localized into languages other than English. When users logon via any of the client interfaces, the language to be displayed is automatically set based on the language settings of the user’s operating system. Both single and double byte character sets are supported with the document management software's internationalization model.

The topic of user interface localization is a complex one when you consider how the characteristics of different human languages can affect the user interface experience of a given system, for this reason the localization process is done by the document management software partners who best understand the use of the local language.

Overview of the Localization Process

This following are the steps required of the localization team (a document management software partner, reseller or customer) and FileHold when localizing the document management software clients to a different language.

Resource File Translation: The business partner or customer will be given a list of resource files to be translated. Once this stage is completed all resource files are returned to FileHold for re-compilation.

Re-Compiling: The FileHold customer service compiles the new resource files and sends back to the localization team a zipped-up folder structure with the DLL versions of all new resource files ready for testing.

Testing the Translation: The localization team takes the DLL versions of the new resource files and tests them using the document management software clients to ensure the new interface captions have been accurately translated and are not breaking any areas of the user interface by inserting phrases that are too long.

New Server and Client Installers: The FileHold team incorporates the new languages into new server and client installer builds. This allows the Partner or customer to install using the new language.