Automatic Filing of Documents from XML Imports

For customers who have similar and repetitive documents and a clear vision of their Library Hierarchy, it is possible for the document management software to be configured to file documents intelligently and automatically.

Based on the metadata (tags) assigned to the document and an algorithm built into the Auto-filing script; the document management software intelligently determines the location (folder) where a document should be stored and the document is automatically added to the folder. If an appropriate folder (or entire path for that matter) cannot be found the folder path and folder is automatically created by the Auto-filing script and the document is filed.

Once the FileHold Professional Services team has created the Auto-filing script, the user can select a Document Type (schema) with an associated Auto-filing script. Now an “Auto-File” button will appear in the bottom part of the dialog box.

After providing the required metadata values and clicking the “Auto-File” button the appropriate target folder will be automatically selected in the library tree on the left. If the target folder does not exist it will be created and upon upload it will appear in the tree in a dark green colour. The dialog box below shows a new Cabinet / Drawer and Folder that has been automatically created.

If necessary, the user can modify the metadata values and click the “Auto-File” button again to correct the destination. The user is allowed to cancel (override) Auto-filing by manually selecting a different folder from the library tree.

The Auto-filing script will also assign the appropriate security rights (membership) of users / groups to the Cabinet and Folder in this path. This ensures that once the path is created the appropriate rights to be able to access the imported document will be automatically given to the correct users or groups of users.

Learn even more about document filing software by reading our whitepaper.

The cost of this option is determined after a consultation to determine the complexity of the filing process. For a quote on Auto-filing contact [email protected]