Document and Records Management Software

FileHold Systems Inc. is the designer and developer of enterprise grade electronic document and records management software for medium sized companies, departments, and large organizations.

The company has developed enterprise grade document and records management software that is affordable, easy to install, configure, and support. The product is sold, installed and supported using remote web-based techniques. Deployment and configuration time of the document management software has been reduced to hours and days from weeks and months compared to the traditional offerings.

FileHold employees have significant experience in enterprise software deployment, document management, e-forms, archiving and records management domains. Sophisticated software development and deployment processes have been employed resulting in over 27,000 seats in production all over the world.

Customers are never forgotten. The customer support team excels at providing long term product support and upgrades. Customers consistently provide unsolicited positive feedback on how diligent and responsive the company is to support issues or business process questions and how intuitive the software is to use.

FileHold manages the "Electronic Document and Record Life Cycle" with the ability to manage paper or electronic documents from creation to archiving to disposition. The software provides secure document storage and saves companies time and money while keeping them in regulatory compliance. The time it takes to search and retrieve documents or files is reduced to mere seconds.

FileHold ships out of the box with document scanning and imaging and has optional document viewers. The software was developed in a Microsoft-centric environment and integrates with Microsoft Office and other third party applications.

Company ownership

FileHold is a privately owned Corporation located in British Columbia, Canada. The company has developed and owns all of its intellectual property. The software is sold directly to customers and with the help of re-seller partners. For more information about the company contact the President, Larry Oliver at [email protected].