SmartSoft Capture Part 4 – Using Flags to Help Make Scanning Smarter

When setting up the form fields in the form template, one of the things you can configure is the flags. The flags determine how the field will behave when attempting to capture the data. There are several flags to choose from in the Flags column list. Some of these are useful with Capture, some maybe not so much.

SmartSoft Capture template flags

Here are the flags that I usually recommend using.

  • Assignable – I always check this one off. This one will let you point and click at data on the page and assign it to a form field. In other words, this flag allows you to train the system on where to pick up the information on the page. Check it!
  • Required – I tend to use this one if the field is also a required metadata field in FileHold. This will ensure that a value has been entered into the form field before it can be exported.
  • Soft validation – This flag can be used if the value should always have the user validate that data. In other words, it’s very important to have a pair of eyes check over what has been captured. In order to validate the data in the field, press F3.
  • Multiline – If you’re trying to capture multiple lines for something like an address, enable this flag.

Other flags that may be useful:

  • Selectable – If you have an extremely short drop down list (as in 2 or 3 items) you can enable this flag and then enter the short list of items in the Option column in the form template.
  • Calculable – If you are totaling up some fields, such as a subtotal and tax field, this will put a little calculator button in the field that will calculate the value, such as the total field. Enter the formula for the calculation in the Formula column in the form template.
  • Auto-calculate – Similar to the Calculable flag but will automatically calculate totals. The Calculator button is not displayed. This works in conjunction with the Dependent Items column.
  • Require Header – When enabled, the header must be present on the page in order to capture the information. If using this flag, values must be entered in the Sample Headers column in the form template.

There are other flags available but some are not supported with SmartSoft Capture. The ones I have recommended above are generally enough to make the capture process good and smart.

Stay tuned to the FileHold blog for more SmartSoft Capture tips and tricks!