Sharing Imports and Inboxes in FileHold 12

There are several enhancements to the Manage Imports tool in the document management system.

  • Sharing Imports and Inboxes – Shares imports of documents and the contents of the FileHold Inbox between users with differing Windows user accounts.

  • Moving imported files – Files that have been imported can be moved to another location on your computer or network.

Shared Imports

Shared Imports can be used when two or more users share a local computer and have differing Windows user accounts. When Shared Imports and Shared Inboxes are enabled, any documents that are imported into FileHold will be “shared” between the Inbox of all users. This allows different users to file the documents after they have been imported into FileHold. In older versions of FileHold, the imported documents in the Inbox could only be viewed by the local user, in other words, they could not be seen by other users that have logged on to the same computer.

For example, User Mary and User John both work at a scanning station on the same computer during various times each day. Each user has a separate Windows user accounts that they use to log into the scanning station. User Mary logs into the computer with her user account and scans a bunch of documents. These documents are imported into FileHold using the Import tool. User Mary then logs off the computer. User John then logs into the same computer using his Windows user account and opens FileHold. The imported files that User Mary scanned in are in his Inbox and can now be filed into the Library. Note that in order for User Mary to share her imports, she will need to share her Inbox so User John can see them.

Shared Manage imports

Shared Inbox

When importing documents into FileHold, you can now share the contents of your Inbox with other users if you have sufficient rights.
Documents in the Inbox can be shared between users on the same computer. Sharing your Inbox allows others to file the contents of your Inbox on your behalf. For example, if there is a dedicated scanning station with several people scanning documents to be added into FileHold, all users who can log into the Windows environment of that scanning station will be able to file all the scanned documents in the Inbox. This is because the Inbox is shared between all the users who can log in with a Windows user account.
You can set whether you want to share your Inbox in the Connection Options window. Note that if you change this setting, it won’t take effect until you log off and then log back in.

Share Inbox in FDA

Moving Imported Files

After files have been imported into FileHold, they can be moved from the file location from which they were imported from to another location on the local computer or network. If a file with the same name exists in the destination folder, a unique number will be appended to the file name. This allows you to keep a copy of the originally scanned in document.

NOTE: This option cannot be used in conjunction with the Delete input files after they have been successfully added to the FileHold Library check box.

Manage imports - move input files