Review - Making the Paperless Office a Reality

FileHold started 7 years ago from a blank piece of paper and took 18 long months to bring the first version of FileHold to the market. Now on version 12, it supports a large range of functionality and features including electronic  document workflow and approval, electronic forms (e-forms), tracking and auditing functionality, optimized search and document scanning capability that support over 300 different scanner types and MFCs.

In it’s most basic format, document management software enables you to create, review, approve, and archive documents through the document management workflow. The ease with which you can configure and perform these basic tasks determines the software’s utility. FileHold scores well on each task. Because the system makes extensive use of meta-data, searching documents is fast and easy. You can search in the system using simple strings or boolean keywords. The system processes search values based on metadata, document properties such as version and control numbers, and optical character recognition (OCR) to full text search for keywords.  The optional FastFind feature allows users to trigger these same searches into FileHold from 3rd party applications such as Accounting or Human Resource applications.

FileHold has deployed more than 10,000 seats since June 2006 and its customers are provided with best in-class product support and upgrades. “FileHold receives unsolicited positive feedback on how responsive the company is to support issues, how stable the software is and how intuitive the software is to use,” says Larry Oliver, President.

And the document management software review verdict?

"Having reviewed quite a few document management solutions, I must confess that this is one of the best, so far. The developers have thought out the details; it’s cloud availability makes this one a double whammy!"

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