New Document PDF/Image Viewer in FileHold 12

A new viewer, called the PDF/Image viewer, is available in FileHold 12. All NEW purchases and upgrades to FileHold 12 receive two PDF/Image viewer licenses for FREE! Both the traditional Brava viewer and the PDF/Image viewer are available for purchase with FileHold 12. If the Brava viewer is purchased, customers receive the PDF/Image viewer at no additional cost.

The PDF/Image Viewer supports the following file formats:

  • PDF

  • TIFF (single or multi-page)

  • Image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp)

If a viewer license is assigned to a user, the Document Viewer function is used with both the Brava viewer and the PDF/Image viewer in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA).

If a user is assigned a Brava viewer license, they can also use the PDF/Image viewer with the Brava viewer, with the Brava viewer being the default viewer.

If a user is assigned a PDF/Image viewer license then can only use the viewer for documents with the file extensions listed above.

The  PDF/Image Viewer allows users to reorder pages in a PDF or TIFF document plus several other functions:

  • Open documents in FileHold or from your local computer.

  • Open multiple documents at a time. Each file is shown on a separate tab.

  • View thumbnails of a multi-page document.

  • Reorganize pages of a PDF or multi-page TIFF image using drag and drop.

  • Append an image to the current image file.

  • Insert an image from one image file to another image file using drag and drop.

  • Delete pages.

  • Select multiple pages of the document via the thumbnails.

  • Saved the altered document to FileHold or to your local machine as a PDF, JPEG, or TIFF only.

  • Print the document.

  • Undock the viewer so it is in its own window.

PDF/Image viewer

To get more information on the PDF/Image viewer or purchasing FileHold 12, please contact [email protected].